We at Xtreme Tennis Academy offer programs for all ages and levels. Whether you just wish to polish your game for one week during the vacations, or you are seeking for an annual program to enjoy on a professional trip, we have a program tailored just for you!

Till the time you are with us, you will be gifted with special attention from our workforce, to help you make best use of your chances to attain your aspirations. Both our managers will be directly involved with your training program. Contrary to managers from other tennis academies, at Xtreme Tennis Academy, both Mr. Abdul Hamid and Mr. Arshad Khan, splurge most of their time on-court, ensuring that players arrive at their complete potential.

Tennis is an individual sport that outlines a person’s nature, it builds up skills such as self-belief, self-faith, endurance, decision making, restraint, and fair game. We consider that our enthusiasm for the sport and great experience are tough tools to assist our players to grow as strong tennis players, but most significantly, strong persons. We also stoutly believe in having a strong association with parents, who play an imperative role in the player’s overall improvement. Communication between trainers, players, and parents allow for a more professional growth of the child.

We provide the following programs with exceptional facilities and interactive training session’s like-

Yearly Program

We have limited number of slots for those players who coach with us on a yearly basis (12 months of the year). Services we offer to our talented players in the Yearly Training program comprise of:

  • Training customized separately for individual players
  • Timely instruction procedure developed by our employees
  • Tournament calendar arranged by our employees
  • Trainer specially escorts each players to tournaments
  • Yearly fitness training chart separately planned for individual players
  • Less number of players confirms complete concentration

We trust in teaching the person rather than educating a system. Our trainers look forward to commitment, proper behaviour and good parental support from someone seeking for admission to our Yearly Training program.

Monthly Program

The Monthly Program is apposite for players scouting for an extended tenure, with more determined practical and strategic guidance, precise health exercise and a trainer to escort players to tournaments.

We enrol players into the Monthly Program all through the year (excluding during some holiday breaks).

Weekly Program

The Weekly Program is apt for players wanting for a small stay and extreme training. Practical and strategic training will be in sync to your requirements as fitness training is of a more common nature.

Xtreme Tennis Academy admits players into the Weekly Program all through the year.

Summer Camps

Our Summer Camps are very in style with young players in search for rigorous training sessions during the months of June, July and August.

On a Summer Camp, you can prefer anything from 1-12 weeks of coaching. Practical and strategic training will be precise to your requirements; fitness guidance is of a more common nature.

We can also make plans for entertaining activities for players on the weekends.

Xtreme Tennis Academy admits players into Summer Camps in June, July and August every year.

The eligibility of our players is 4-18 years in diverse categories like-

  • Mini Tennis to build up confidence, co-ordination and basic sporting skills up to 4-6 years of students
  • Beginner Tennis begins with introduction to full size court, up to 6-8 years of age
  • Intermediate Tennis develops the ability play matches from 8 years onwards
  • Amateur/Professional Tennis aims at making the player independent in all aspects of the game
  • Cardio Tennis Program for adults- The Heart Pumping Fitness Play and Have Fun.